Saturday, May 23, 2015

Nation moves in different speeds in seemingly different universes

Perhaps the only thing the majority of Americans have in common is that they feel irrelevant. Gay, straight, conservative, liberal, pro-choice, anti-abortion.
It is a shame people can’t binge like they do on Netflix or Amazon, and soon coming to regular TV, to see the ending that awaits us.
“Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer in the United States, an occasion traditionally commemorated with picnics, block parties, and other outdoor activities popularized in a time before streaming video. Seeking an alternative to sun, burgers, and human interaction, The A.V. Club put its heads together to find the very best TV that Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, Vimeo, and YouTube have to offer.”
Ireland only had to wait overnight to get the results.  
Legalized same-sex marriage was approved in a stunning landside in what had been the pope’s backyard. It was being called a "social revolution."
America doesn’t have the luck of the Irish.
The Supreme Court may settle the issue in a month or two, or not.
How can we deal with ISIS when we cannot even agree on issues science settled long ago: marijuana isn’t a gateway drug, let alone a killer like alcohol, and try to tell the people with overgrown lawns in Denver that their weeds are not unnaturally high. A spot of sun was sighted, a TV weatherman said this week in the Mile High city.
Are drones the answer? They can go underwater, and they are certainly effective killers. Soon there may be an app available to counter drones.
ISIS uses sandstorms to counter our airpower.
The nation’s police are equipped to fight ISIS, and some wish they were sent away to do just that. A cop in Cleveland jumped on a car hood and massacred an unarmed black couple. Their car had backfired.
It remains to be seen whether gratuitous violence will backfire on police. This isn’t Mayberry or Oz.
Medical care, even if you can pay for it. How about spending 25 minutes in an expensive MRI only to have your doctor’s office lose the prescription for pain medication your doctor ordered based on its results. On a Memorial Day weekend.
No wonder people self-medicate with alcohol, or weed. It may not be cheaper, in all cases, but it is faster.

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