Thursday, May 28, 2015

Where the heck is Cutter?

 Networks reported Wednesday that corruption arrests of FIFA executives was partly triggered by its selection of oil-rich Qatar as the host of the 2022 World Cup.
Jon Stewart’s Daily Show had much fun with the story, but like the networks kept calling the country “Cutter.”
Networks used the pronunciation “Cutter” even while using videos of the FIFA talking about the 2022 games being awarded to the Gulf nation with temperatures above 130 degrees in summer. FIA President Sepp Blatter referred to the country as “Qatar.”
Then why does mainstream media in America call the country “Cutter,” as in a Coast Guard vessel?
Numerous answers are available on the Webb., keeping in mind that it is not unusual for Americans to have a different name for everything, though comedian Steve Martin used that term to describe the French.
Jim, on Yahoo Answers, said, “I'm in Qatar 3-4 times per year, and I think I've got a pretty good handle on how the country's name is pronounced. 
The whole "gutter" "cutter" thing is an American military abomination. The military types think it's cool, so they keep doing it even though they know it's wrong. The country's name is pronounced "KAT-tar", pure and simple. Not gutter, not cutter. KAT-tar.”
Once again, remember the French, when Paris refused to join in the second war against Saddam Hussein, conservative Americans had the name “French fries” removed from the menu at the congressional cafeteria.
Stewart did make the point that why should the U.S. care about soccer anyway., seeking to “deflate” the controversy, a reference to the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady’s alleged shortcuts to victory.
Stewart also made the point that billions were lost by U.S. and other banks, stolen is perhaps a better word, and no one went to jail. The FIFA bribes are being put at $150 million, including some money spent to persuade the organization to stage the games in the U.S.
Stewart suggested the scandal might turn out to more boring than soccer, noting it had been a 24-year sting.
For those interested, live streaming of FIFA’s congress meeting, at which Blatter, not to be confused with bladder, seemed likely to keep his job despite many arrest, was beginning.
Some sites suggested that a true translation of Arabic, by  American experts, leaves room for calling it “Cutter.”
Russian President Putin, whose country hosts the cup in 2018 and is under investigation for widespread sports doping, protested the arrests of FIFA officials as a capitalist plot.

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