Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Kill Chain gets another notch

Headlines around the world heralded the latest kill America has notched up, showing it is capable of making Weapons of Individual Destruction as well as WMDs.
An ISIS leader, fill in latest name here, was on the real Blacklist, not the TV show.
Should we expect a downturn in ISIS activity, or as Andrew Cockburn shows in the “Kill Chain” is it more likely to result in a “surge” in terrorist activity?
Or does the fact that a Reuters’ photo that shows what could be two persons going up a hill mean that it is a Sisyphean struggle except that there is more than one Prometheus?
Put more simply, is it “whack-a-mole?”
The raid not only dominated the mainstream media but also Tweeter, though as usual there were cynics.
Marty Susman Tweeted:  “This reminds me of the supposed body count in Vietnam, if we added up the supposed killed North Viet Nam troops…”
That recalls the apocryphal story about the world’s biggest computer being asked in 1970 when the Vietnam War would end at the current ratio of Vietcong and North Vietnamese being killed. It replied: “1969.”
Some Tweeted that more attention be paid to an ISIS offensive had resulted in the capture of important buildings in Ramadi.
U.S. military talking heads said the biggest city in western Iraq may fall.
Some reports made it sound like a victory in a playoff game.
Some alternative media noted that the FBI had been very quick to rule out terrorism in the Philadelphia Amtrak derailment. Certainly if ISIS was involved they would have claimed responsibility on social media.
Allah forbid that they should ever decide to go completely underground and leave us guessing.
ISIS had promised harsher attacks on U.S. soil and that the next six months would be interesting.


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