Sunday, February 21, 2016

2016 Presidential Race Calms Down

Even with networks and reporters trying to keep the U.S. presidential vote alive as long as possible it is starting to calm down.
First, Hillary Clinton has regained gained her edge. This was no surprise. The pundits had sought to portray Bernie Sanders as capable of beating Clinton.
They knew the chronological would make it an easy sell because the first two states for Democrats were Iowa and New Hampshire, more than 95 percent wife.
Plus Sen. Sanders is from Vermont, a neighbor of New Hampshire.
But these early races meant nothing. According to Wikipedia, Hillary had led polls in 46 of 50 states in the past 18 months.
In Nevada, networks trying to get people to watch media sought to make it appear Sanders might upset Clinton. This despite a total lack of reliable polls because the major companies said it was too risky in such a caucus situation.
Within minutes of declaring Hillary the winner some pundits had been saying they believed Sanders could pull an upset.
Guess what. Hillary did carry the Latino vote.
The New York Times said Sanders is falling farther behind in delegates. The Times reported: “After Mrs. Clinton’s defeat in the New Hampshire primary, she sharpened her political message to focus on breaking “barriers” that keep black and Hispanic Americans from rising in society and earning a high-quality education, good jobs and fair treatment from police officers and the criminal justice system.
“Mrs. Clinton, her campaign surrogates and her television commercials repeated these themes throughout Nevada, and her campaign aides portrayed Mr. Sanders as preoccupied with attacking the political system and Wall Street rather than helping real people.
“According to entrance polls, Mrs. Clinton won among women and low-income voters — two groups she lost to Mr. Sanders in New Hampshire. Moreover, she seemed to hit on a message that showcased her caring side, a quality that some voters have wanted to see.”

The mainstream is still treating Donald Trump like Alexander the Great. But did Alexander ever settle for a third of the vote?
That seems to be Trump’s ceiling.  In South Carolina, two Republican U.S. senators, Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio, about 22 percent of the vote each. They got 100,00 votes more than Trump. Three other candidates still another 100,000. So Trump, together, got 200,000 fewer than the other candidates out of a total.
One of those candidates, Jeb Bush, withdrew from the campaign last night.
Trump is going to find things much tougher when more candidates withdraw. How would he do against just or two opponents?
No one knows where the votes would do. It seems unliklely that would attack more votes. He has probably already threw just about every insult in the sink against the Pope, John McCain, Apple, female journalists and editors and others. Those who support him are probably on board.

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