Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Whack a Repubican mole

Donald Trump is running out of one-liners.
At one time there were 20 or so Republican presidential candidates. That meant Trump could get away with one-liners instead of talking policy.
Assuming he does have some ideas, he soon will have to talk about them.
What was once 20 Republican candidates is now down to four or five.
Nobody has heard from Ben Carson.
Chris Christie and Carley Fiorina are the latest to withdraw.
On Saturday, in Houston, there will only be four five on the stage, depending on whether Carson shows up and is admitted.
There won’t be such great pressure to make sure Trump, Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and present and former Govs. John Kasich and Jeb Bush get their chance to speak.
Kasich has tried to show he is the only moderate. This week he is expected to sign a bill taking money away from Planned Parenthood.
There still may be too many on the stage to deal with serious issues, and Trump has shown no sign of being interested in them.
If billionaire Trump does become the GOP candidate that could bring the even richer former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg out as an independent.
Despite Bernie Sanders so far in two very small, nearly all white states, roadblocks lay ahead. Starting with Nevada and South Carolina, both with large minority populations.
Clinton may be so embedded in the Democratic party’s structure that she cannot be stopped

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  1. Trump may be a billionaire but the people of the USA should ask how he made his money and how many were left bankrupt in his wake.