Sunday, February 14, 2016

Columbine mother's interview angers victims and families and leads no where


The television interview given by the mother of Columbine killer Dylan Klebold leaves out important information, actually reducing the amount known about WHAT led to the 13 killings.
No one is suggesting Sue Klebold knew the young men were preparing a massacre.
But the carefully choreographed televised interview leaves out important things that were known.
Some parents are angry that she waited so long to say virtually nothing.
Several so-called experts appeared but did not talk about bullying. Many believe that bullying of the killers by athletes was a major factor.
Columbine had very successful athletic teams.
“It was clear in the first hours after the shootings that vengeance against athletes was a preoccupation of the two killers. Harris and Klebold began firing with the words  "anybody with a white hat" stand up,  the Washington Post reported.
The Post, in a review of the Klebold’s book, mentions that bullying was endured by the killers.
It was reported by the Denver Post that Wayne Harris, father of Eric Harris, had found at least one pipe bomb in his son’s belongings before the shootings.
The idea that Klebold would make no money from a book being promoted by the ABC interview with former Nixon speech writer Diane Sawyer is disingenuous. The settlement of lawsuit filed by victims and their families prohibits making any money from any media accounts of what happened at Columbine or the events that preceded the killings.
It is unlikely that anyone will be able to tell whether Klebold got any money from book through back channels.
That settlement included depositions in which both families answered questions with the condition that what was said would not be released for 20 years years. This information will only be available in 2027.
The interview also made no apparent attempt to look at why Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies did not pay attention to warnings that the teens were threatening to kill people.
Colorado’s state government dropped its own investigation.

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