Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Trump threatens to take his ball back

Accusing Iowa of stealing its primary from him, Donald Trump is threatening to take his ball back and stop the game.
Abe Lincoln would have called Ted Cruz out and met him with fists.
He has warned networks, in frequent calls that became interviews, that if the Iowa caucus is not redone he will not talk to them anymore.
Surprisingly, he has gotten support from Bernie Sanders, who is accusing Hillary Clinton of not only shouting at rallies, but claiming a victory she did not win.
If anyone thinks he is kidding, Trump took his road show to Arkansas on Wednesday, where there was no competition going on.
He lost in Iowa, where he told people they were stupid, by more than 3 points. Trump had been predicting victory though he had done little on-the-ground campaigning.
Clinton and Sanders were virtually tied, but Hillary had a handful more votes. The thing is, close only accounts in horse shoes and hand grenades.
It’s too soon to speak definitely, but it does seem Trump is getting less time on the networks after his fall from grace.
The withdrawal of several less candidates means giving Trump carte blanche on the air will be more noticeable. It is somewhat surprising that a rich capitalist who thinks he owns the country can be so clear about it.
The next race is in New Hampshire, another nearly entirely white state. However, its residents are a bit more polished than the Texas style rednecks who love the Donald. Many may not want to be seen as Trump lovers, if only to not annoy the college educated tourists it trys to draw.
Clinton is under attack again. Not for emails or Benghazi. Critics say she talks to loud at rallies. The idea of a woman talking at all doesn’t sit well with many of these volk.

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