Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hillary leads in 46 of 50 states

Wikipedia is the last place to look for breaking news. But today the New York Times chose to publish a list of polls since 2014 in all 50 states.
Hillary Clinton was the winner.
Bernie Sanders led in his home Vermont, neighbor New Hampshire, Alaska and Maine. All the rest went to Hillary.
A few of the polls were taken in 2014, but a majority in 2015 and a significant number this year.
The winners were the ones who led in the last poll taken in a state.
Clinton not only led in the vast majority of polls, she took all 10 of the most populous states: California,
Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan.
Clearly, things may have changed since some of these polls were taken. Network television has been taken over by non-stop coverage of Donald Trump, plus claims that Hillary is a liar, dishonest, shouts, killed soldiers at Benghazi, cozies up with Wall Street, and that husband Bill was promiscuous.
Yet some polls, and in big states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and California, show Clinton still ahead.
Pundits begun last year declaring that Clinton was unstoppable. Then they began trying to stop her.
There is no story, and thus no work for them, if the race is over before it began.
It was somewhat pathetic that two almost lily-white states, with a combined population of less than 5 million, Iowa and New Hamsphire were seen as ways to give evangelicals control of the nation.
Seen many of these zealots lately. Not in my town, Denver.
Of course much can happen between now and next November, and I may decide not to vote for a Clinton for the first time in life. But the shrieking of Trump won’t be a factor. Whenever he is on I turn the channel as fast as I can.

And most people, even old fogies like me, do get all that much content off commercial television the days. Thank heavens for Netflix, Amazon and the others.

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