Monday, July 11, 2016

Expectations Growing of Sanders’ Endorsement of Clinton

Expectations were growing Monday that Bernie Sanders would endorse Hillary Clinton at a joint rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on Tuesday.
No one in either high command would confirm more than they were holding the rally together.
Associated Press published a story under a headline: “Bernie Sanders Will Endorse Hillary Clinton.”
The subhead said “Expect it to happen on Tuesday.”
Other news organizations use similar language, avoiding stating flatly that the endorsement would occur.
However, it was a win-win for both sides. Clinton was gaining more endorsements, and Sanders had won several platform battles at meetings preceding the Philadelphia convention in July, meaning his campaign was not a waste of time.
Many Sanders’ supporters have taken to the Internet to express their disgust with a Clinton endorsement, and declare they will never vote for her.
Only time will tell how effective Sanders can be on the campaign trail for Clinton, and how far he is willing to go. Few of his supporters are likely to vote for Donald Trump.
Clinton has led in most polls, usually by five or six points, sometimes more. However, the impact on the campaign of recent violence, including deaths of police and civilian, is unknown.
As usual, Trump says the problem is easily solved with a hammer. Clinton says divisions in the country must be healed.
The FBI failure to indict Clinton for using a private email service, just as her predecessors had, has left a stain on the campaign. But 60 percent of those polled by the Washington Post said the issue would not decide their vote.
The next hot issue is going to be who is selected by each candidate as the vice presidential candidate.
Trump doesn’t have the campaign money or solid support from people of his party that Clinton does. Years of attacks on her, since her husband was president, may make it hard to gain momentum for a businessman with no government experience. And he has his own share of scandals.

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