Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hillary's Lot

Portrayed for year as a witch, Hillary Clinton has survived another “Salem trial,” to use a Washington Post headline.
Bernie Sanders has endorsed her and polls indicate his fans will follow.
An opinion piece beneath it reviews all of Hillary’s scandals, one by one.
It is often heard that Clinton is a liar and a criminal. The former is a matter of opinion, but Clinton hasn’t been convicted of any crimes.
Google it and you can find almost anything, particularly allegations that the family has associated with criminals. No crimes by Hillary.
“Even when it comes to the Clintons, this is madness. Hillary Clinton may have lied about her emails, but Donald Trump lies about everything. Still, for the Justice Department to upend a presidential campaign over a matter as trivial as a violation of email policy approaches an anticipatory coup. If there were lies deserving of punishment, let the voters mete it out.
“I am tempted to say that historians of the future will have to dope this all out. But they are not up to the job. It should go to shrinks and such, for Clinton has become a human Rorschach: Some people, particularly Republicans, look at her and see the Devil. Their denunciations of her are so at variance with even the contested facts that it suggests a psychosis — congressional panel after congressional panel, investigation after investigation, all of them of the kind once familiar to the good people of Salem, Mass., who knew what it is like to have the purported criminal but not, alas, the crime.
Over the years I have detected wee imperfections in Clinton, and I have noted them in many columns. But she is a colossus of integrity and wisdom compared with Trump. He calls her ‘Crooked Hillary,’ but truly no single American has been as investigated as she has been and found, if not completely innocent, then not guilty. The GOP ought to give it a rest,” wrote Richard Cohen of the Washington Post.
A review of Carl Bertstein’s book on Hillary, “A Woman in Charge,” suggests she took the heat for her popular former president. Even when he was about to impeached he had a favorable rating of 62 percent.
“Hillary is neither the demon of the right’s perception, nor a feminist saint, nor is she particularly emblematic of her time – perhaps more old-fashioned than modern. Hers is a story of strength and vulnerability, a woman’s story,” Bernstein wrote in a book that was very critical.

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