Friday, July 15, 2016

Terrorists Attack France on National Day

A truck crashed into a crowd on the legendary Promenade des Anglais in Nice on France’s Bastille Day.

Eighty-four or more were killed, and many injured according to LeMonde.

There was at least one person in the truck.

He was killed and there were reports at least one more killer had been captured.

No claim was made for responsibility but few doubted it was ISIS. They were likely to be held responsible and if this is their response to losing most of their territory to Western attacks they may have made a mistake.

"The horror, the horror has, once again, hit France,” President 
François Hollande said in a nationally televised address early Friday. He said the “terrorist character” of the assault was undeniable, and he described the use of a large truck to deliberately kill people as “a monstrosity.”

“France has been struck on the day of her national holiday,” he said. “Human rights are denied by fanatics, and France is clearly their target.”

He reinstituted a state of emergency imposed eight months ago when Paris was attacked, the New York Times said. It was due to be lifted end of July.

Nice has long been a favored spot for tourists from throughout the world on the Mediterrean in southern France near Italy. Not only are there beautiful hotels for visitors but it is fun to sleep on the rocky beach. An unforgettable experience.

Prosecutor Jean-Michel Pretre said the lorry drove two kilometres (1.2 miles) through a large crowd, the AFP news agency reports.

Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi said that "a lorry driver appears to have killed dozens of people.”

It seemed likely the latest attack could result in an international meeting of victim countries to decide what to do.

Many, such as U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, were blaming Muslims.

Others said a rogue group was using people like Trump to make life more difficult for Islam.

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