Friday, July 29, 2016

OpEd: Hillary Goes Religious on Trump

Many wondered how Hillary Clinton could deliver a speech with the power of all those who proceeded her. It may have been a surprise but it shouldn’t have been.
She went religious. Anyone who has read her biographies, including the book by Watergate writer Carl Bernstein, would have known that unlike Donald Trump the Democrat has always been a strong Christian and Methodist.
Hillary said her late mother had taught her “I learned the words of our Methodist faith: ‘Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, in all the ways you can, as long as ever you can.’”
She, and other speakers, made so many references to religion viewers might have been mistaken if they thought they were watching Ted Cruz.
And TV viewers who were interviewed, especially Hispanics, made clear they were thrilled to hear that God would be part of the campaign.
“Conservative Christians no longer agree on how to vote their collective conscience in America.
“To liberals, this group has acted for 40 years with incredible political discipline so often, and with such force, that it seems like a single unit moving in lockstep. But in populous, rural southern Louisiana, a decidedly various body of believers representative of much of American Christendom argues about how to proceed. As the ghost of Ronald Reagan loosens its grip on the party, a vital segment is directionless. Many are solidly opposed to Hillary Clinton; many more are disgusted with Donald Trump,” reported the Guardian.
It was hard to see how Trump’s TV threat to punch some the Democratic Convention speakers seemed like what Christ would do.
Speaking in Des Moines Trump said he wanted to “hit” some of them “so hard their heads would spin.”
“Trump isn’t identifying any of them. But he tells a crowd in Iowa that one certain speaker – Trump describes him as “a little guy” who he used to work with – particularly bothered him.
Might that be former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg? He had some dealings with Trump – a New York real estate developer – as the city’s leader.
“By the way, Bloomberg is listed as 5-foot-8.
Trump earlier Thursday said “a lot of lies are being told” about him in the speeches at the Democratic National Convention this week.
Although he is shorter than Trump he has many times more money, one pundit said perhaps 100 times. No one can be sure because Trump won’t release his taxes.
Chelsea Clinton gave a speech that brought tears as she introduced her mother.
No surprise there. But the Democrats brought people on the stage whose family members had in Afghanistan and Iraq. One, a Muslin, won the Medal of Honor fighting to defend his unit. Most, including the medal winner died.
A panel of generals said Trump would be a threat to American security.
With dozens of people, big and small, talking about how Hillary helped them or worked for them, including former President Jimmy Carter, it was cleared the Russian-based campaign of lies against her had been very successfully.
For lies, none could top Trump claming he never met Russian President Putin and didn’t know him. MSNBC showed a video of him bragging they were buddies.
The TV ratings for Trump’s Cleveland convention were so bad he was distancing himself from it. Many leading Republicans had refused to attend, attemting the government of Ohio himself.

Trying to explain her demeanor and why she can’t be the candidate TV wants. She said my goal is service, not publicity.

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